How to send an email in Hotmail

Send an email is really easy and fast to do, besides being one of the most used ways to contact at present for all sorts of situations. To send an email, you just have to login to your account and go to your inbox.

In the following picture there is in yellow highlight the option New, you only have to make click on it and will be ready for start sending your Hotmail email.

On the side of the option New, you can see other options such as delete, mark us (for example mark us read or unread an email) and move to (the option that we previously used to redirect an email just received to another folder).

After selecting the option will appear on the screen a view similar to that:

At the top (where are the dotted lines) will display your account.

Before sending the email, there are some fields that you have to complete. One of these fields is To: _ _ _. In this field you only have to enter the email address of the person to whom you want to send the email.

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In the other field to fill, Subject, is convenient to put the reason for the email. In this way the person who receives it, can have an idea about the reason for our mail. It is useful because if this persona have lots of other unread email, will can focus the attention in the subject of our mail, helping this to receive a soonest answer sometimes.

Now, all you have to do is write the email that you want to send and click at the option Send (is in yellow highlighter too).

The steps for send an email are very intuitive and easy of follow.


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