New detection of Hotmail account hacked

The number of victims is over 20,000 and the victim list now has other names such as Yahoo, AOL and also Gmail.

Not only is Hotmail the victim of this phishing attack. (Illustration)

According to a recent survey by Microsoft, the password cracking of more than 10,000 Hotmail accounts is the result of a phishing attack.

However, the BBC news agency recently said it had a list of victims of the case and the number of account lost password has reached over 20,000. The BBC list also shows that not only are Hotmail's services hacked, but that email addresses of other services such as Yahoo Mail, AOL, and Gmail also share the same fate.

This new list is also posted on the previous website that details the details of more than 10,000 Hotmail accounts.

Some say that these are old email addresses, not used or fake address ... but the BBC confirmed that they have checked and all are real addresses, still live.

This list includes the addresses of the less well known e-mail services such as Comcast or Earthlink.

In addition to Microsoft's claims, no security expert has ever voiced the claim that this email account was the victim of a phishing attack.

The technology blog,, was the first to post details of the attack and said the list of email addresses had been posted on since Oct. 1.

The Pastebin site is currently down for maintenance. Pastebin is where software developers around the world share code.

Paul Dixon, owner of the website, said he found his site suddenly popping up for unknown reasons.

Phishing is a tricks trick for users with a fake website with the interface and some of the main features are identical to the actual website that hackers camouflage in modified or modified web addresses to display on the machine. The victim's identity is like a real address.

Typically, phishing is an attack commonly used by hackers to steal information about a bank account of a web user.

Microsoft once again advised users to quickly and permanently change the Hotmail account password, so be careful not to open attachments in the email regardless of whether it came. from a familiar or strange address, install and regularly update the antivirus program ...


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